About Marley


Marley Carrington-Maurer received her Bachelors of Science in Fashion Design from the University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning in 2011. She has designed women's activewear for Xersion at JC Penney and 'Livi' at Lane Bryant, which successfully launched in January 2014. Strengths include design and development across product categories including outerwear, swimwear, performance and athleisure. She is commited to details and quality with a strong knowledge of technical fabrications and trims. 

Along with design, Marley is passionate about philanthropy and sustainability. She seeks to understand the impact of the fashion industry, retail, and consumer choices/trends and strives to create a better tomorrow. Marley is involved in many local creative projects and volunteer work including Dress for Success, Product Runway 2016, Art Bazaar 2013 & 2015- Fashion shows, and volunteering. 

Recently relocating to Denver, Co to pursue connecting to the outdoor industry and opportunities connecting fashion to community. Her spare time is spent painting yoga mats for Namaste Bitches, practicing hand stands, and exploring new places.